Monday, May 21, 2012

Share Your World – Week 24

Here are my answers for this week's questions :

1)Are you left or right handed?

I am essentially right handed but often use both my hands. As a kid, this irked my parents because in Indian brahmin customs, you eat only with your right hand and the left hand is not supposed to touch the food ! I was often confused as a child and got whacks for handling food with my left hand. Eventually I began writing an 'L' & 'R' on my palms to make it easier for me !

2) What is one thing you love about being an adult?

For want of a better phrase - I think I'm a 'Grass-is-always-green-on-the-OTHER-side' kinda person! So there aren't too many things I love about being an adult. Probably the only thing that comes to my mind is being allowed to wear off-shoulder t-shirts & Skirts which I was often not allowed a child. This doesn't mean that I do wear them now ( I too shy!! ) but I can buy them if I wish too !!

3) What do I need to unlearn?

Assumptions - I tend to assume the worst and that keeps me worried the time! The logic is that if I assume the worst, the reality of things always will be good news to me.. but this also means unnecessary hours of playing out all different situations in my mind and my reactions to them ! So I wish I could unlearn this instinct.

4)What is success for me?

Success for me is that feeling inside when things go exactly as I planned them to. This can be in the form of successful exams, organizing events, patients' treatment results, appreciation by hubby for my cooking... I keep putting up tests for myself everyday and hope to succeed in them !


  1. Such wonderful answers. I love your honesty and purity! Thanks again for participating!

    1. You are welcome.. Love answering your questions :)