Friday, June 10, 2011

Im Alive !!

Hello to my blog !!

After so so long!! a year almost...This year saw so many changes - Marriage, name, Address, priorities, weight ;) , food , mannerisms, worries...everything..and i mean everythings' changed !!

Am I happy with the changes....well .... some are good, some are bad....but all have been inevitable!!

For all those in the know, my marital status from 'Single' to 'Married' - so thats a good change.. :)

Name has gone from Deepti Rao to Deepti Gupta !! Thats good too...

I've changed addresses from Bombay-Pune-Belapur (New Bombay)-Salalah, Oman all in the matter of 9 months!! I hate packing !!!

Priorities - hmmm..heavy one!! Priorities are so different from when I was one puts everyone else before self...somehow marriage does that to you I guess. The funny part it is- even I want to stop myself...I cant !! And the other strange fact - Those that are actually the closest to me often feature on the end of the priority list..! hmmm..lil too complicated to explain huh !

Along with my husband, Sumit we have opened a new clinic here for Exclusive Orthodontic practice...and as clinicians its been very fulfilling. Its the best of evything - equipment, material, work freedom, job satisfaction that we could dream off...ideal for us in every way..glad for all that we have.. :)

Weight ;) - well- this is what I meant by inevitable! Salalah air seems to suit me just fine...will have to start getting some exercise ...soon!!

Worries - Dont they ever leave us alone! New day, new problems, new solutions !! Gosh I sound like an ad for some construction company!! Adjusting to the new place has had its ups and downs...but together we are definitely learning to cope and in the company of friends we have here, life's definitely better... :)

Salalah seems to have a lovely set of bloggers whom I have been following queitly for a long time now...Its refreshing to read their views on many things relevant to the world here....shakes you up from the inertia of daily living...good and reponsible writing....

Hoping that I'm more regular from now on..!!

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