Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Big Abu Dhabi move !

Hi all !
Back after a blogging hiatus again... or probably the other way around ! But new coordinates, new place and lots of new friends !
Moved to Abudhabi around 8 months back and it has been action packed so far ! So many nationalities from all corners of the world, all living and working together in harmony.

Roller coaster ride to get through the HAAD licensing process and staying at home for longer than expected. I also realised the importance of actually not doing something I love for so long.. that it helps you detach your happiness from external things  - including orthodontics ! Never thought I would say that out aloud ! But I am so glad that in my 'Housewife' times,  I made some friends in the meanwhile , whom I connect with .

Things that I can point to that have surely changed :

1) Whatsapp has almost completely taken over my world. Very minimally used in Oman , but unlimited internet here has different effects on each of us ! Being connected 24 x 7 is not something that I find necessarily beneficial .
2) Use of Smileys.. Yes , I have succumbed to it completely ! Earlier , I couldn't stand those posts / blogs who incessantly used smileys but I think I have now slowly replaced all full stops with them :) ( Controlled myself by not using them so far ! ;p)
3) Physical activity & Night life - In Abu dhabi as there is sooo much to see and do ! Services are more expensive but I definitely appreciate the fact that we actually have so much to see and do which wasn't the case in Oman. Russel Peters , Color Run and many more ! Loved Abu dhabi so far !! Ana hobb Abu Dhabi !
Will keep it short for now .. more later !!

 Shoofik Baden .. Maa Salaama !