Monday, June 14, 2010

25 Things about me !!

25 Things about me !!

1) I’m a typical Virgo, severely critical of myself and others and always over prepared.

2) Im a water baby.. I love to swim and used to tell myself when I was little that I was a mermaid in some other time.

3) I love the rains – the beauty as well as the muckiness of it..Rains make me smile from within.

4) I have a prickly conscience and have suffered a lot thanks to it

5) I love free-spirited people, who are not afraid to say their mind and not wary of experimenting and looking foolish. I’m so glad that a few have crossed my life.

6) I hate ‘ Know-it-all’ people who are calculated & cold in their conversations. Virtual databases of information but not an iota of common courtesy.

7) I hate long pauses and lack patience.

8) I love Shunka – my all time favorite bf. He has sat up by my side while I’ve been studying and been around in my deepest moments. He gets uncomfortable if he sees me cry – couldn’t ask for a better companion (plus he can never complain!!)

9) I can never remember the title of a song or the artist..never ever..all I can remember is maybe a line that caught my fancy or how it made me feel. This makes it very difficult for me to ever download songs from the internet!

10) I hate bullies, esp the pretty kind. Have dealt with them since school, through graduation and even at work. Have finally learnt to say ‘no’ to most of them. Lost many friends due to this but never missed them afterwards.

11) I love the adrenaline rush of adventure sports. I love nature in all its phases.

12) Though born and brought up in Bombay ( Ya- it will always be Bombay for me) I’m as Non-Bombay-ish as one can get. I have no sense of fashion, don’t like crowds ( Though I’m part of them I guess) and get lost on common roads all the time!

13) I have a high intelligence and a low emotional quotient. I’ve said & done some of the most stupid things only to realize them later.

14) But at the same time, I also know that whatever situation I’m in is my doing and no one else can really be blamed.

15) I get dreams in full-colour and often get the solutions to my problems played out I them. I deeply trust my dreams and the people I see in them.

16) I’ve just recently begun my journey of soul-searching & have a long way to go. Its hard to believe that I spent the first 25 years of my life being superficial and letting life whiz past without so much as a second thought.

17) I love to read & am an easily believe most spiritual books I read ( which I often get chided for). I’m a big fan of Paulo Coelho & Dr Brian Wiess’ work.

18) I keep all things given by friends. Whether it’s crochet sleeves & neckline made by Farah’s Grandmom , Ranade’s Eminem lyricson a piece of paper from pedo posting, Shalya’s note after debonding my braces, Aparna’s rose day card, Raksha’s cute lil smiley flower & many many more. I never tear or throw away wrapping paper..Guys I have all your wrapping papers right from forever !

19) I’m melodramatic when it comes to saying goodbyes – either to a place or person….how much ever I prepare myself mentally..I can never say good bye with a smile.

20) Im very grateful to have people around me who do not judge me .. Who tell me my strengths and weaknesses at face value and never try to fit me or my reactions into boxes ..

21) I get very Sentimental about my country – India, I swell up with pride everytime I sing our national anthem. I hate mass tragedies and cannot ever come to terms with them.

22) I have a healthy obsession for saving. Whether it’s from my pocket money or travel allowance, I will save as if my survival depends on it! My weakness lies in shoes ;)

23) I often feel I have a direct connect with Him, a hotline of sorts... which doesn’t need me to be sitting in a temple or praying in any manner…more like a radio channel that I tune into and have a word. Sometimes I can physically feel Him kiss my cheek to reassure me …

24) My motto in life- ‘Quality always scores’

25) The one thing I like to hear from my dearest ones and often end up telling myself – ‘ Its gonna be ok’

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