Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Talking flames..

Today we had a pooja at the crack of dawn..and while the panditji was going on and on with the chanting and the flames, and me and my sis were done cracking our usual pjs about how our parents did the rituals…and how everyone was maroing shortcuts to avoid repeatedly getting up or sitting down..some analogues have been cropping up in my head since morning thanks to the free time in front of the flames.

So I decided to inflict them upon those unsuspecting few who do follow me!! So reading ahead is definitely optional J

Analogy 1 :

Computers think in 1s and 0s right .. everything is calculable and finite. But if u actually ponder more..even our lives begin and end within these 2 numbers. Of course -everything is not finite , with decimals and grey shades in between but still life does begin at zero and finally everybody does reach 1 . It’s the segment in between.. the decisions we make to talk / ignore , the steps we chose to place our feet upon – those fractions we land on that decide how much time we take to reach ‘1’. We all do reach, with our plus signs and minuses..Its just how convoluted a path we take to get there. How many of those blocks which we thought would get us higher actually sink- and leave us below where we started. How many times we forgive ourselves and gather the will to continue the trek…

Life has this amazing quality – it blurs out hurtful things when it knows you cant bear it anymore..and when you think you have completely forgotten about it-it gets it back – in front of your face literally -only to remind you why you turned out the way you did – ofcourse-you feel like someone socked you in your guts – but it still feels liberating when you put one more piece of the puzzle in the right place..

Im not going to write analogy 2 – its too much –‘old wine in a new bottle-ey’…. J

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